Trash the Dress, a new Bridal or Prom shoot to show you Love the Dress!

A couple of weeks ago I met up with a girl from high school who wanted to get some pictures done for her husband for their anniversary. The result was a new love that I had never known: Trash the Dress/Love the Dress. She chose to pick up a couple of inexpensive finds ($20 total) at a thrift store which worked out wonderfully! We headed out to her grandparent's farm and Silver Creek Falls. Just so ya'll know, TTD/LTD sessions do not always involve ruining your wedding or prom dress. In this situation, the dresses got dirty and wet, which would be easy to clean with a good dry cleaning, but your dress may not get very dirty or wet at all! The lovely thing about these sessions are that we can go as far as you want (burn your dress, anyone?). The thought kills some brides, but its really a reflection of you love for your dress and your commitment to your guy. When do you ever plan on wearing your dress again? Do you really think your daughter will want to wear your dress in 20-30 years? I, for one, would love to wear my wedding gown after my big day, especially in such a laid back way. I don't know that I'll destroy my gown, but I wouldn't mind some lovely stress-free shots.

What a way to celebrate your 1, 5, 10, or more anniversary than donning that gown, strutting your stuff, and giving your honey some lasting pictures of you looking fab!

Contact me if you're interested and we'll throw around some ideas!