What Empowers You? - Salem, Oregon Boudoir & Glamour Photographer

I love boudoir and I love glamour. I love the amazing feeling I get when I photograph a woman and am able to show her how amazing she really looks through beautiful imagery. Even though many women come to me to do a boudoir session for their loved one, I find that the session and results are equally important to empower the woman herself. Women ARE beautiful! As a woman, I have to constantly remind myself of this. I may not be my ideal weight (who really is, come on!), I may not have the clothes that I want, or be doing exactly what I want to be doing at any given time. BUT I have the power to change my situation. I have the strength to overcome most any obstacle that is set before me. I have the desire to love myself as much as my husband and kids. I have the ambition to succeed, and the perseverance to never give up. This is why I am beautiful!

Too often I hear my clients say, "when I lose some weight I will come in." This makes me so sad! Sue Bryce, a photography idol of mine, once said, "Don't wait till you are perfect...You will never be perfect. You must exist now in photos." This is SO true! On one side, you never know what will happen tomorrow, or if tomorrow will come. No one likes to think this but it is a reality, and too often we are left with the thought of wishing we could have said or done something more. What if you waited and waited to take beautiful images of yourself, to empower yourself through imagery, and to make portraits that carry through your children's lifetime? It may never happen.

So I pledge this...I want every woman to have the opportunity to live in photos. I want every woman to break down the barriers that live between them and the art of their body. I want every woman to leave a legacy that not only speaks, but shows, how beautiful they are on the inside and out.

Contact me via email at amy@photosbyamynicole.com to start planning your session.