Things to do with your kids - Salem, Oregon

Today I am starting my "Things to do with your kids" blog series. I hope to continue it every week going forward. I hope you all enjoy! Every weekend that we have free time, I take to google to try and find something to do. Mother's Day this year was no exception. All I could find was wine tastings and special meals at restaurants. I got pretty bummed. Here we were, my husband, my son, and I, looking for something to do together. With no viable options to do something special, we came home and played Minecraft. (Yeah, I can be kinda a gamer geek sometimes)

1) Home Depot Kids Build Days

My son LOVES going to Home Depot and building stuff. He has gone a couple of times both with and without me and he he is always so proud of what he puts together. The best part is that the Home Depot Kids Build events are all FREE! They typically take place on Saturday mornings and all you have to do is show up. A couple of weeks ago we went with my nephews and mom. The boys each got to build a wood frame. They were all so excited to build something and to pick out a picture to put inside.

You can check out Home Depot's website to find your local store and Kids Build schedule, as well as what projects they will be working on each week. I encourage you to take your kids and build something you'll both be proud of!

Do you have a thing to do with your kids? Send it to me at! Maybe it'll show up on the blog! :D