Lisa + Ricardo - Parkdale, Oregon Farm Wedding Photographer

Welcome back and whew! August has been crazy so far, and its only halfway through!

I have been SO excited to blog about Lisa and Ricardo's Parkdale, Oregon wedding on their farm ever since they booked me. Seriously, you could not find a better location, more perfect wedding view, or sweeter couple. 

When Lisa first contacted me in January, she said they were planning a winter wedding in the gorge, and I was thrilled! Mt. Hood has always had a very special place in my heart, so my mind started racing with thoughts of a wintery wedding with a stunning Mt. Hood view. My excitement didn't waver when she told me they had settled on August 13 for their special day. What could be better than a summer sunset over Mt. Hood... swoon!

We met for an in-person consultation and Lisa shared that she loved my style and was over the moon to hire me. I was just as excited! We planned their engagement session to take place in the spring, you might remember their memorable farm session.

But lets fast forward to August 13, a gorgeous and very hot summer day. Parkdale was a bustle with bikers and tourists, but Lisa was cool as a cucumber preparing for their day. Coming into their home where the bride was getting ready felt like reuniting with an old friend. Lisa has such a warm soul, and it carried over into their wedding beautifully. Detail was paid to every aspect of their wedding - from the taco truck to the root beer float truck, everything was perfect. 

After the wedding, while editing photos, I realized that Lisa and Ricardo were both reading and writing their vows individually at their separate getting-ready locations. I am so happy Courtney was at Ricardo's parents house to capture him getting ready and him preparing his vows. 

And as the sun set over Mt. Hood, Lisa and Ricardo danced their first dance to a backdrop only dreamt of by brides near and far.

I was, and still am, truly honored that Lisa and Ricardo chose me to celebrate their wedding day with them. They are one of those couples you never forget, and we captured so many images I am sure we will all cherish forever.

Congrats again Lisa and Ricardo, and I wish you nothing but happiness!