Ben + Kelsey - Albany, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Hi gang! Welcome back to my blog.

I always love photographing weddings. There's so much love in the air and the bride and groom spent so much time carefully planning all the details. It was not any different for Benjamin and Kelsey’s wedding, either!

The wedding and reception were at Flinn Block Hall and was catered by the Sassy Onion. Kelsey’s gorgeous dress was purchased at Anna’s Bridal in Lake Oswego, and both the bride and groom’s family put the beautiful flowers together.

Everyone in attendance had a fabulous time at the reception. Great music kicked off the bustling dance floor. Even the youngest guests were busting a move! My favorite part was when these two cuties danced, then snuck away behind the head table for a peck. Seriously, how cute are they?!

Benjamin and Kelsey have seriously dated forever. They have had a couple of major moves, but decided to come back to Oregon, which is where they planned their gorgeous wedding, which I am sure they are glad they did. They had friends from near and far, old college pals and a wide range of family. But you could clearly see the love each guest had for the couple when looking around the room.

You could tell they were really loving every minute of their special day.

As for me, I loved every single minute. The bridal party was amazing, everyone was in excellent spirits, and the day flowed seamlessly. I am so happy that I got to capture these memories for Benjamin and Kelsey!

Okay, enough talk. Let's get to the pictures!