Not your mama's glamour!

No, we didn't zip back to 1995, where women had big fluffy curls and feather boas wrapped around them. A boudoir or glamour session with Photography by Amy Nicole is completely modern, totally sexy, and absolutely you! Boudoir is the more sexy sister of a traditional glamour session, but whether you decide to strip down to your sexy lingerie or show your more sophisticated side, the photographs we capture will be sure to make you look and feel your very best.

Why you should do a boudoir session?

Ahhh, the biggest question! Back in 2012 I had my very own boudoir session done by the fabulous Arizona photographer, London's Lens (seriously, check her out). I was nervous, but had so much fun. We formed a bond that will likely never be broken. I had the best time getting all dolled up and spending some me time in front of the camera. 

1. You get to get all glammed up.

How often do you get to get all dressed up, get your hair and makeup professionally done, and focus on YOU. That's kids, husband, or dogs...just you, me, and my lovely hair and makeup guru. And how often do you get to pull out that sexy corset or that little black dress that is collecting dust in your closet? Looking back at my own boudoir session, I see someone that I haven't seen in years. I felt sexy, which definitely doesn't happen often. 

2. You'll feel better about yourself.

No, seriously, you will. You'll find parts of your body that look more amazing than you thought. I always ask, "What do you love most about your body? What do you love least?" I always hear the same things: my legs, my this... What about your amazing hair? What about those gorgeous eyes? I have worked with women in every shape and size from petite to plus. I like to try new poses, but focus on making you look like the very best version of you. Speaking of which, you know that whole Photoshop phenomenon that is going around? I do minor editing to make sure the image is focused on your best assets, but I won't take off 50 pounds to make you look model thin. That's not you, and I want you to still see you in your photos!'ll love yourself more after your session, pretty much guaranteed. 

3. You get to go shopping.

If you're a mom, I know how it is. I really do get it. We NEED a reason to buy something for ourselves. But guess what, I am pretty sure you'll need at least a new pair of undies before your session to feel glam. So, I hereby give you permission to go out and buy yourself something pretty. Not those mom undies you would usually buy. Head to the lace. Buy something sparkly. Find something frilly. Do it for YOU! 

4. You get to celebrate and commemorate.

Getting married? Valentine's Day. Christmas. Birthday. Anniversary. Breakup. YOU! No matter the occasion, whether you're celebrating something or not, you get to relish in the fact that you ARE beautiful, glamorous, and amazing. And 50 years from now, when your granddaughter is looking through old photo albums, she'll stumble across your classy pictures and think, damn! My grandma was gorgeous!

5. It's important.

It's not about's about feeling sexy. Every once and a while, we need a little help to bring that sexy back. (yes, I went there)

6. You get to be you.

I've done sessions celebrating the love of football, 50 Shades, and nerdiness. I've had ladies bring in all sorts of props from books, to cards, to pool sticks and bridal gear. The best thing is, it all sets the stage for a custom session all about your interests and what matters to you. How often do you lounge in bed in a pair of lace undies, a football jersey, and heels. Probably not often. Boudoir sessions give you the opportunity to showcase what you love and the best side of you.

P.S. After my session, I ordered an album featuring my favorite images, wrapped it up, and gave it to my hubby on the morning of our wedding. He loved it.