Anson - Salem, Oregon Newborn Photographer

Doo doo doo doooo! Introducing...  BABY ANSON!

I'm still flying high from one of the most fun shoots I've had in a while. The handsome little guy in front of the lens is the newest addition the Tasselli family.

Speaking of which, the Tasselli’s were so much fun to get to know. I can tell they are going to be the best parents in the whole world (especially with how patient they were)!

As for baby Anson, he was not in the mood for photos for most of our two-hour session. I'm not gonna lie, mom and dad were worried. Anson gave me a run for my money, literally, but I just love how adorable his photos turned out!

“Thank you for your patience,” Kellie said when leaving their session, but seriously, it happens every time! I told them a few times that the photos on my site are a blink of an eye second between cries. The littlest clients of mine always want to be snuggled!

Okay, no more talking (or would that be typing?). Check out little Anson for yourself!

You will be seeing more of little Anson in the very near future! I'm lucky enough to photograph him every few months with my milestone package.